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At Laser Restorations we provide laser cleaning services to tackle your toughest projects.

  • Automotive Restoration

  • Rust/Oxide Mitigation

  • Industrial Machinery

  • Wrought Iron Restoration

  • Paint Preparation

  • Weld Preparation

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Custom Projects

We also provide cleaning and shipment of smaller parts. Contact us for a free quote, ship us the part, and we send it back clean and ready for service.

Contact us today to find out how Laser cleaning can be an advantage for your business.

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Why Use Lasers?





Laser cleaning is a non-contact method. No physical contact occurs between the device and the substrate. Lasers are beneficial for delicate or sensitive surfaces, as they eliminate the risk of damage that can occur with abrasive methods or harsh chemicals.





Lasers can be finely tuned for specific cleaning requirements. The energy from the laser can be precisely controlled to remove contaminants without affecting the underlying substrate. This level of precision is especially valuable in industries where selective cleaning is crucial. Electronics, aerospace, and optics are examples of this.


No Consumables or Residues

Unlike traditional cleaning methods that may involve abrasives or chemicals, laser cleaning produces minimal waste. There are no consumables to replace, and the process typically generates little to no residue.


Environmentally Friendly

Laser cleaning is considered environmentally friendly because it often eliminates the need for chemical cleaning agents that can be harmful to the environment. The process is dry and doesn't produce harmful byproducts, making it a cleaner and more sustainable alternative.


Efficiency and Speed

Laser cleaning is a fast and efficient process. The high-energy beams can rapidly remove contaminants, coatings, or unwanted layers from many kinds of substrates. This efficiency leads to reduced downtime and man hours required. Studies show laser cleaning can be up to 40% faster than traditional methods.





Laser cleaning systems can be adapted for a wide range of materials and applications. Whether it's rust removal from metal surfaces, paint stripping, or cleaning sensitive electronic components, lasers can be tailored to suit different substrates and cleaning requirements.


While laser cleaning offers these advantages, it's essential to note that the choice of cleaning method depends on the specific application, substrate material, and desired results. Contact one of our experts today to help determine if laser cleaning is right for your project.

About Our Owner

Michael Conville - Owner, Laser Restorations Ltd.

Michael founded Laser Restorations Ltd. out of a passion for restoring old things. A Mechanical Engineer by trade, Michael often spends free time fixing old machines, cars, and buildings.  


Our belief is that sustainability starts with reuse and refurbishment. Laser cleaning enables that with a quicker and more cost effective method. ​


Safety is always top of mind at Laser Restorations. Michael is a certified Laser Safety Officer with the Laser Institute of America. This experience along with our laser safety standard works help ensure your project is completed with the least risk possible. ​


With more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and project management, Michael has been exposed to countless processes, technologies, and machines. Allow us to use that experience for your restoration goals.​

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Considering purchasing a laser machine yourself but not sure if it will work for your application? For a small fee, we can help ease your mind. We will come to your site and show you how to set up, take care of, and use one of our machines. We can even test-clean some material for you. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a demonstration today!

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